Doctoral studies

Details of doctoral studies

Terms of admission to study

Only students with completed or soon-to-be completed MSc. are admitted to the Doctoral Study Program (DSP). Admission is subject to passing an entrance interview hold in English. The admission committee consists of at least three members; the chairperson is usually the head of the department, the supervisor is one of the committee members. During the interview, the applicant briefly familiarizes the committee not only with his/her diploma thesis, but also with main aims of his/her dissertation work.

Study plan

The study in DSP follows the individual study plan (ISP) compiled jointly by the student and the supervisor. The ISP must include at least 4 courses selected according to the following rules:

  • At least 2 courses from Module A which includes "core" bio and chemoinformatics courses.
  • The remaining courses from Module B which includes courses from areas complementary to the DSP being studied
  • None or more courses are selected from the optional Module C that contains subjects focused on the so-called "soft skills". It is highly recommended that students attend a two-semester course Effective Scientific Writing.

Furthemore, the part of the Ph.D. sudy is the foreign study stay long at least 1 month.

It is assumed that the student passes all ISP courses by the end of the 2nd year at the latest. Each student is also obliged, usually by the end of the 2nd year, to attend student scientific conference at the UCT Prague, where he/she will present results of his/her work. At the end of the 2nd year at the latest, the student selects 3 areas that constitute his/her final exam. The final exam is taken by the end of 3rd year.

Subjects of Ph.D. study

Final exam

The final exam consists of two mandatory and one optional areas. The optional area is selected based on the topic of the student thesis. Every area is coupled with one subject from the Module A.

Two mandatory areas Optional areas (1 area is selected)